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Did you inherit a house full of older things? Are you considering selling some collectives? Are you looking to buy some nice collectibles at excellent prices?

We do lots of buying every week, but we also have a showroom full of unique items collectibles for sale Ė we might have something you want.

When people in Massachusetts think of antiques, most often they think of collectibles and furniture. But antiques are much more than that. Anything worth owning can become more valuable over time Ė especially if itís a quality item. Furniture, art, musical instruments, jewelry, silverware, beer steins, Hummel figurines, Rolex watches, Tiffany jewelry, antique firearms, mantle clocks, grandfather clocks, pocket watches, collectibles, old signs, pottery, china, old papers and ephemera Ė it all depends on what you have and its condition. At Watermark Antiques, we have many years of experience buying single items and small collections. But we also specialize in buying entire estates and large, multi-item collections.

Sometimes when people sell, the objective is to clear out many things at once. Other times, people sell for financial reasons. A single piece of vintage jewelry, a quality watch or a top quality piece of furniture can be worth thousands of dollars. But itís also true that sometimes, a whole room full of old things isnít even worth keeping - let alone trying to sell. So how can you decide what to do?

If you call Watermark Antiques, we can often times give you some value estimates right over the phone. Other times, especially on collectibles and valuables, we ask that you bring them to our store for a free appraisal. And for those situations where the items are too large or valuable to safely bring to us, we can come to you. But please keep in mind that at-home appointments are set from time-to-time as our schedule allows. If you are in a hurry or want to sell something today, your best bet is come see us at the shop.  We pay you cash the same day you come to see us. Watermark Antiques (508) 835-4653.