Watermark Gold buys & sells silver

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Selling your silver can be a tricky proposition. If you have some nice Tiffany items, nice designer jewelry or a top quality silverware set, then your item has value over and above the price of the silver. But many times, silver items - even ones that you might think are collectible - are not. And that's why it's important for you to come see us face to face. Before we make an offer for your silver items, we want to carefully examine them, so as to be sure which ones are collectible - and which ones are not. But regardless of the true value of your silver, we promise to be honest & fair - and to give you the very best offer, if you want to sell. One of the reasons our customers come back to us again and again over the years is that we are experts in many important areas relating to silver jewelry and watches. We know what your valuable items are worth, and we don't skimp when we make our offers to you. For specialty items such as Tiffany, designer jewelry and quality vintage jewelry, we have a large network of dealers and collectors who buy from us on regular basis. If you have some specialty items to sell, more than likely we have someone standing by who is very interested in what you have.  Everything is handled discreetly and you don't have to wait. We pay you cash the same day you come to see us. Watermark Antiques & Gold (508) 835-4653.